The Best Cabinet Paint For Remodeling Your Old Cabinets

You wake up every single day and before taking that morning coffee, glancing at your dusty old kitchen cabinets you say, “These cabinets really need a new paint job”. Recently I had to paint my kitchen cabinets but unfortunately, I did not pay any attention to paint selection which cost me dearly. So I realized that it is necessary to first identify what kind of cabinet paint base I would require, how I should paint the cabinets and most importantly selecting the best cabinet paint for remodeling the kitchen cabinets.

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Types of cabinet paints

1. Water based latex cabinet paints:

The water based cabinet paints having a latex coating are much more preferred as they dry up very quickly and people are happy with the final look to it. But this paint isn’t quite durable in comparison to oil based paint.

2. Oil based cabinet paints:

Cabinet paints which have an oil base are mainly made of alkyd or linseed oils. They tend to be much more durable. But one drawback would be that this particular paint would take a long time to dry. Also for cleaning up any of the extra paint it requires either turpentine or paint thinner.

3. Spray cabinet paints:

Spray paints are considered as one of the most convenient ways to paint a cabinet. The paint will be available in both water-based as well as oil based. You will also require a spray gun and a roller brush if you want that flawless finish.

Remember, before choosing paint, look for quality, not price. Don’t be economic in buying cheap quality paint. Purchase the best quality paint which lies within your budget.

How to use the cabinet paints?

If you wish to paint your kitchen cabinets all by yourself and if you don’t have complete knowledge regarding it, then your beautiful paint job can turn into a big disaster. So you have two options available to you; either hire a professional person to carry out the job or do the job yourself but ensure that you have learned everything.

I. Seeking professional help:

Seeking professional help

Seeking professional help

If you do not know what you are doing, if you’re not interested in painting the cabinets and are bored, don’t think of beginning the paint job as it will simply end in disaster. It is best to consider seeking professional assistance for completing this job. The professional team of painters really does know what they are doing and taking their help would be a really great idea. You will have to select the best painters available within your budget who will all the work of remodeling your kitchen cabinets.

II. Doing it yourself:

If you still are interested in doing the job yourself and want toh save the money, then there are some tips provided below which can help you before you begin with the paint job.

1. Cleaning the surface:
Cleaning the surface

Cleaning the surface

Before applying the paint, you should clean the surface very nicely by using an all-purpose cleaner.

2. Using Sandpaper:
Using Sandpaper

Using Sandpaper

If any dust particles or small sand granules are present on the surface, then you can remove them by using sandpaper. Sandpaper also provides some stickiness to the surface so that the paint can stick onto the cabinet surface.

3. Caulking the molding trim:
molding trim on the cabinet doors

molding trim on the cabinet doors

You may have a molding trim on the cabinet doors inside your kitchen. So it is recommended that you caulk everything in and around the doors so that no further cracks or crevices begin to appear.

4. Filling up the cracks:
Filling up the cracks

Filling up the cracks

If any cracks already exist then before painting, you should fill them up either with some wood pieces so that the final look won’t look shabby.

5. Using a paint brush or foam roller:
Using a paint brush or foam roller

Using a paint brush or foam roller

When you begin painting your cabinet bases, you should use the best paint brush and a foam roller. This will provide a neat and new look to it.

6. Using a spray paint base:
Using a spray paint base

Using a spray paint base

If you are thinking of using a spray paint base then, start beginning with a few light coats of paint which will initially blend well with the look of the cabinet.

Once these light coats of paints are entirely dried up then, you need to go one step higher and spray paint a few normal coats of paint which will blend well between all the other coats present which will provide you a flawless look.

Once these two coats start to blend well with each other, you will have to paint an even higher and deeper coat and it has to be repeated minimum 2 to 3 times.

This entire layers and coats of paint need to be dried up for a number of days. Then you will have to take some sandpaper once again and sand the cabinet once again and once again give a heavy paint coat to the cabinet. The results will be shocking and will really surprise you!

The 5 Best Cabinet paints for your Kitchen cabinets

Are you thinking of making those old kitchen cabinets new again? Are you having a difficulty in selecting the right kitchen cabinet paint? Feel free to select any of the 5 cabinet paints mentioned below as per your best preference.

1. Sherwin-Williams Oil Based Cabinet Paints




The Sherwin-Williams cabinet paint can be conveniently used to remodel your kitchen cabinets. It is one the best kitchen cabinet paint as it will provide an overall exquisite new look to your kitchen. This brand has different shades of the best kitchen cabinets paint colors available in the market today. Many of the people who’ve used this paint have had positive reviews regarding it.


  • Free from dust settling
  • Highly durable paint
  • ​Prevents stickiness once dried
  • ​Brings back the original and true look of your kitchen cabinet.
  • ​Less costly than other paints.
  • Availability and selection of different colors.


  • An oil based Sherwin-Williams paint will take a long time to dry.
  • Some of the oil-based paints may also give a bad smell once the paint job is completed.

2. Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint

Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint

Advance Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint

This is a new and unique paint which have had a number of positive reviews by many people who have given it high ratings. This is a waterborne based paint which gives the performance of an oil-based cabinet paint.


  • It dries up faster
  • The paint is very durable and smooth
  • ​Cleaning the cabinet with soap and water is easy
  • ​A number of color choices are also available


  • Much more costly
  • May provide a bad smell once it’s dried up

3. Benjamin Moore Impervo


Benjamin Moore Impervo

Benjamin Moore Impervo

This paint has water based and a hard coating which is appreciated by many people. Many people have recommended it as the best alternative paint to Sherwin-Williams. You can easily apply this paint using a brush, a roller or even a spray gun. One coat of paint would be more than enough for providing that fine finish.


  • Easy to dry
  • Has a nice and hard shell coating
  • Excess paint isn’t required as one layer of paint is more than enough
  • ​Has great leveling properties
  • Is at an affordable price than other cabinet paints


  • Isn't the most durable paint
  • Does not provide a shine like oil based cabinet paints
  • A Variety of colors available may be fewer in comparison to other cabinet paints.

4. Diamond Brite 21050 Paint

Diamond Brite 21050 Paint

Diamond Brite 21050 Paint

The Diamond Brite 21050 paint has a semi-gloss latex coating which many people have termed it as an excellent kitchen cabinet paint choice. It is highly recommended to use this paint in the white shade as it gives an excellent finish. This oil based paint has a dash of gloss to it providing an even richer appearance.


  • It provides a smooth and durable finish
  • The white paint returns a shiny look to your old kitchen cabinet
  • The paint has a great flow
  • Leveling properties are excellent
  • The white paint doesn’t age or fade away
  • The finish is perfect for cabinet areas which are cleaned daily


  • Takes a longer time to dry
  • Much more costly than other cabinet paints.
  • Certain paints may also give a bad smell once the paint is dried up.
  • The dried paint surface may have some stickiness.

5. Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Translucent Paint

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Translucent Paint

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Translucent Paint via: Guiry's

This paint is a combination of acrylic and alkyd which is highly advanced to ensure that the customer gets an excellent finish to the kitchen cabinets.


  • The paint offers protection from the sun
  • Resistance to any form of mildew is also obtained
  • Cabinets can also be easily cleaned
  • ​Water resistant coat
  • Works well on both soft and hardwoods


  • Paint is highly expensive
  • It may produce a bad smell once it’s dried up

Final Verdict:

As per the above-mentioned products, Sherwin-Williams would be one of the best cabinet paints. It meets all the requirements right from price to perfection required to give you a flawless finish for your kitchen cabinets. Most of the above products mentioned are good and if I would have to pick the best alternative to Sherwin-Williams, I would consider using the “ADVANCE Waterborne Interior Alkyd Paint.”

The Best Cabinet Paint For Remodeling Your Old Cabinets
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