15 Easy Steps for Installing Your Garbage Disposal

Have you just bought your garbage disposal and are confused on how to install it?
Do not panic!

I am here to furnish you with all the tools and knowledge you need to have your garbage disposal fixed. 

You have the right materials and you have the right tools, so fixing your garbage disposal is just child's play. You need not waste your money hiring a 'professional,' as it needs no special skills or training. Make sure you have to have the right type of disposal for your plumbing and then read the following instructions.


1. Get Your Equipment Ready

The first thing you have to do while trying to install a garbage disposal is to figure out the kind of equipment you will need for installation.

There are some things you need to consider first: think about the users of the disposal, reflect on the environmental factors, and whether it is tenable to use tools that make noise in your environment. I will advise you to examine the type of plumbing in your home. If it is home where children will be allowed operate the disposal, think of buying a batch feed garbage disposal instead of a continuous feed garbage disposal.

To install a garbage disposal, you will need these tools to install it:

  • plus
  • plus
    Putty knife
  • plus
    Disposer wrench
  • plus
  • plus
    Pump pliers
  • plus
    Wire nuts
  • plus
    Wiring Kit
  • plus
    Plumber's putty
  • plus
    Electrical cord
  • plus
    Safety precautions like safety glasses and a dust masks.

2. Turn The Power Off

Ensure that you turn off the disposal power off at the time of installation. Make sure you cover the panel board to be sure that no one can turn it on again until you finish the job.

Turn off the power

Turn off the power

3. Dismantle the Assembled Parts

Dismantle the disposer kit and begin to organize the parts of it. Do not forget to take out the p-trap and the drain basket. They are essential! Then put a large bowl underneath the sink to hold the water spilling in the process of disconnecting the drain. You need a towel around to clean the spills as well.

Disposal Part

Disposal Part

4. Get Set for Assembling

Now that your disposal is dismantled, you may begin to assemble it. In case the new rim assembly is already assembled, take out the ring and let loose the various fasteners, then go on with the installation.

5. Use Putty

Look out for the gasket!

Some disposals have a rubber gasket, but note that using the plumber's putty will make your seal last longer. Spin the putty and let it curve, then push the putty in a reasonable amount around the flange’s base with your fingers.

6. Clean The Sink

Make sure the sink is properly cleaned, especially around the opening of the drain. It is important, or else you will make a mess!

7. Attach the Fastening System

Insert the rim on the sink’s top corner, then in the base. It is more rational to put force on the flange from the top using a heavy tool. This helps to keep the flange in its position while the binding system is being used underneath. Be sure that the plumber's putty oozes visibly past the frame of the rim round.

Clean up the remnants of the putty once the seal has been formed.

Attach the Fastening System

Attach the Fastening System

8. Fix the Mounting Plate

Fasten the mounting plate to the base of the sink. After that is done, tighten the screws moderately. Over-tightening them is bad!

9. Fix the Tail Pipes

Fix the tail pipes on rubber seals beside the garbage disposal and make them secure with a spring.

Tail Pipes

Fixing Tail Pipes

10. Remove the Break-out Plate

If you intend to drain the dishwasher inside your garbage disposal, look for the break-out plate in the inlet port, and remove it gently using a screwdriver and a hammer. If you do not intend to drain your dishwasher, you may choose to leave it in its place.

11. Fix the Wiring

Some kinds of garbage disposal units don’t have a power cord attached. In such a case, take out the plate with your screwdriver and access the wiring. Buy an installation kit that comes with the appropriate hardware and power rating for your garbage disposal. After connecting the wiring control to the disposal, make sure the cable is long enough that it will be able to get to the vessel without having to strain the cable.

Fix the wiring

Fix the wiring

12. Fix the Disposal Unit

Adjust the rubber seal on the corner of the disposal with the rim beside the sink. Make it secure by turning the subordinate mounting ring on its ramp tabs. Then turn the disposal unit to affirm its stability and drain the assembly.

13.  Fix the Disposal to P-Trap

You may use a hacksaw or the PVC cutter to trim down the protruded pipe, and then connect the disposal to the p-trap.

Disposal to P-trap

Disposal to P-trap

14. Make the Unit Secure

Turn the mounting ring lower part until all the mounting tabs are fully locked over the roll up ramps.

15. Test its Effectiveness

Now it’s time to test for possible leaks.

Plug the drain with a stopper and fill it with water. Look to see if it leaks, and confirm if your plumber's putty is well sealed or not. 

Remove the stopper and let the p-trap be filled with water. Verify that there are no leaks and tighten it up if necessary.

Follow these 15 simple steps and you will be able to install your garbage disposal easily!

15 Easy Steps for Installing Your Garbage Disposal
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