How To Remodel A Kitchen – Two Important Angles Unfolded!

Kitchen remodeling is the change of style and set-up of the place meant for cooking and serving meals at your home. It is an important process and in this article we will learn how to remodel a kitchen. We will review it from two important angles while carrying out this agenda:


Check List before Remodeling Your Kitchen from Two Angles

First Angle: Budget and priority

Plan Your Budget

Take a keen look on your finances to reach and estimate a budget of your convenience. In this you could consider three factors:

  • First is to consider how much you can afford to spend and then, reach a suitable decision.
  • Second is to consider how long you plan to stay in the house. If you plan to sell your house in the coming five years, then the expenditure you incur should be in context to the improvement of real estate investment. If not, you can model it as comfortably as you want, to suit the requirements of your home and family.
  • The third factor you should think of while taking this decision is your neighborhood. If you built an upscale kitchen in a middle-class locality you wouldn’t get a good cost in return for your investment, if you intend to sell off your house.

Note the Cost Break Down

Note The Cost Break Down

Note The Cost

The next step is to estimate the cost break down for the process to be carried out smoothly. Here you should consider the important factors of investment on labor and products. A huge chunk of 25-30% of the investment comprises of the cost incurred on labor. A considerable part of investment is spent on cabinets that require most remodeling for the perfect look.

Here is how you could have a rough estimate of your expenditure. You are liable to spend 20% on appliances that you require to fix or remodel in your kitchen. Besides that, you would incur another 10% cost on the fixation of the windows of your kitchen. Another 5% cost goes on renovating the fixtures, 3% on fittings and 7% on other sundry things of concern. You should not forget to leave aside 20% of your budget for concerns that could arise unexpectedly. There could be issues such as the ripping out of your walls, or electrical wiring getting outdated that would require quick recovery without prior notice. Hence, you should be ready beforehand to manage such concerns from first.

Prioritize Your Requirements or Concerns

Priorities And Concerns

Priorities And Concerns

Make a note of the list of priorities. This is to know the most important concerns of your renovation process. Figure out the most important concerns for you- whether it is the appliances or the cabinets, jot down your priority concerns. So that if something unexpected comes on your budget you can still meet the concerns that are in the top of your priority list.

Meet the Expected Expenditure

Now know how to meet the planned expenditure for this. There are various methods that you can adapt to in order to pay for this expenditure. One of the easiest options is home equity loans as they are deductible on tax pay. You can also pick other options like personal loans. Else if you have cash in hand, you could borrow money at a lower rate of interest which will definitely be a better idea than pulling money out of your investment account, incurring higher returns.

Find an Alternative Stay and Kitchen

Plan your place of stay all through the renovation process and include that in your budget expenses. It is a better idea to stay somewhere else during the renovation process as it will be less stressful, and you can include your hotel or storage fees in the budget. Else, you may require setting a small kitchen home while the venture is carried out. However, the latter will be more tedious.

Second Angle: Pick Your Layout

The next angle of remodeling a kitchen should be the selection of your kitchen layouts. You can remodel your kitchen based on your needs and resources. You can look for different kitchen designs such as:

Gourmet kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen

Gourmet Kitchen

A Gourmet kitchen is one that is well equipped with professional appliances, easy to clean surfaces and special storage items. The design layouts should be made to focus on cooking meals, cleaning and serving. Appliances should be chosen based on their performances. You require to review how you use your current kitchen and accordingly remodel based on what improvements you want to see.

Entertaining kitchen

Entertaining Kitchen

Entertaining Kitchen

Kitchen and living room in modern home

An entertaining kitchen is one that sets the mood of parties and get-togethers that involve a large number of guests gathering at the kitchen no matter what the size is. So size is not a very important factor while designing the layout for an entertaining kitchen. What is important while designing this layout is that the components are so finely integrated that it allows serving food and beverages very easily.

Family centered kitchen

Family Centered Kitchen

Family Centered Kitchen

Family Centered Kitchen

The family centered kitchen is one that is designed to suit the hectic lives of the people living there. Without outdoing doing that can be outfitted to suit the needs of a family as is done in case of gourmet or entertaining kitchen.

The features of this include easy cleaning surfaces, so that wiping the surfaces becomes easy. You can consider using quartz that impervious. You have to be careful while choosing materials, consider the situation if you carelessly chunk glass materials and the consequences, quartz cushions better than granite. You also require an accessible pantry. Snack bar, refrigerator drawers and connection microwave are other important considerations while planning this agenda.

Some Expert Tips on Remodeling your Kitchen:

  • Check for leaks when you reinstall your appliances. Do not install faulty ones.
  • Cover your flooring while wheeling your appliances to avoid wearing of the same.
  • Go in for skilled and trained personal- plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter to get your kitchen remodeled.

Thus, the process of remodeling your kitchen is divided into two important parts: its budget considerations and its design layouts. You can fix the agenda well and take all the thoughts and make the process of remodeling a kitchen a less tedious and fulfilling one. This article must have given you an in-depth concept of

How To Remodel A Kitchen – Two Important Angles Unfolded!
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